Life Thru a Travel Prism


space coast Florida

I may not have been born in Florida, but the state is indeed my Home, to which I am passionately attached, in spite of its checkered past, present maltreatment and uncertain future.

I came to the state as a wee child, trailing along with my two brothers and Mom as our father, a rocket scientist, was transferred to Cape Canaveral from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. Wee me, born just 4 years before the formation of NASA, would, along with my family, have a front-row seat (or as close to it as civilians could get) to the goings-on as the U.S. entered the Space Race and ultimately landed astronauts on the moon- and returned them safely to earth.

In uncounted ways my upbringing in this hot, humid, buggy, snaky, water engulfed, tourist-trampled and over-developed state shaped the outdoors and nature loving adventurer that I am and established my preference for travel; especially to places that are out of the way or off the typical tourist path.

Story-telling is an art form in my family and a talent I come by naturally. To me, crafting stories of travel and outdoor adventure serves as a challenging outlet and, in no small way, makes up for 30-and-counting years of nose-to-the-grindstone work as a writer, photographer, producer, graphic designer, and advertising and marketing professional.  Ultimately, I’m truly “in it” for the sheer wonder and experience of travel to new and different places and for the opportunity to challenge myself physically and to learn- about people, cultures, and natural environments relatively unscathed by humans.

I’ve discovered that if the traveler is naturally curious, reasonably fit, and possesses a strong constitution and a certain joie de vivre, they may find themselves better prepared to, as Tennessee Williams said, ““Make voyages! Attempt them… there’s nothing else.”



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